About Layla (she/her)

I enjoy turning complex digital workflows into delightful, clear, accessible experiences. From leading UX strategy and research to designing accessible and user-friendly enterprise and consumer applications, I’m an experienced UX professional who puts people first.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve led research and design for web and native mobile apps that help people get their groceries, access their U.S. Veteran benefits, plan corporate events, keep track of their medicines, and more.

After work, you can find me writing, playing the drums in my surf rock cover band, the Sea Hagzzz, trail running, or exploring new places.

Headshot of Layla Soileau, a white woman with blue eyes and short brown hair wearing a t-shirt in front of a brick wall.


New Markets, Lubbock store website. Screen shot of the coupons page for the H-E-B Lubbock mini-site.

New market website

Responsive website launched to gain digital customers before opening a new store in a new market

Foundational Discovery, Service Blueprint, Digital Coupons. A cropped screenshot of a service blueprint.

Service blueprint

Foundational research to understand the digital coupons ecosystem and lifecycle

Design Language System, Accessibility research and strategy. Accessibility icon surrounded by teal circles.


Accessibility research and strategy to prioritize inclusive design

Visual Design, Shopping lists, Native mobile. Mobile devices with screen shots of the shopping list feature.

Shopping lists

Native mobile app feature to allow customers to create shopping lists and add lists to their Curbside or Delivery orders

Covid-19 Pivot, Basic Bundles, Special Project. Mobile and desktop devices with screenshots of the Basic Bundles applications.

COVID-19 pivot

Web apps to solve product inventory issues during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Research and Design, VA.gov website. A cropped screenshot of a VA.gov desktop web page design.

VA.gov website

Research and design for VA.gov log in and account creation flows

Research and Design, Yearbook creation application. A cropped screenshot of a yearbook project management dashboard.

Yearbook creation

Project management and yearbook creation app for high school yearbook editors

Research and Design, Social Media campaign application. A screen shot of a social media campaign dashboard design.

Social media campaign app

Redesigning BLiNQ Media’s social media advertising management platform, LiFT, from the ground up