Shopping lists

H-E-B Digital: Senior Experience Designer

Visual Design, Shopping lists, Native mobile. Mobile devices with screen shots of the shopping list feature.


The new My H-E-B native app was launched without the shopping list feature, which many customers loved and used. We were getting really low scores in the App Store and Google Play store due to its absence in the app.

Leadership wanted the feature to be released in time for a big Super Bowl promotion, so there was a tight deadline.


We reused existing design patterns from the new My H-E-B app to design the shopping list quickly.

We de-emphasize the store and fulfillment method affordance to prevent confusion.

We created an in-store fulfillment method, especially for customers who like to use their devices while shopping at the store.

iOS shopping list designs, including a shopping list with checked-off items, search, and add a new list.


Usability studies on initial designs showed that customers were confused about selecting a store and fulfillment method before interacting with the list.

They were also confused by the “Add list to cart” button, especially if they were primarily in-store shoppers. After the initial launch, it was clear that we needed to add an in-store mode to the mobile app.


We missed giving in-store shoppers the ability to sort their shopping lists by aisle. (They let us know pretty quickly, and we added it as a fast follow.)

Customers don’t think about store location or fulfillment type when they use the mobile app. We needed to reconsider store and fulfillment type holistically, across the native mobile app and, because it impacts many features (beyond shopping lists).