Social media campaign app

BLINQ Media: Senior UX Designer

Research and Design, Social Media campaign application. A screen shot of a social media campaign dashboard design.


Redesign BLiNQ Media’s social media advertising management platform, LiFT, from the ground up.


We started by focusing on AutoLiFT, an MVP that focused on integrating with ShopLocal, which digitalizes paper ads to automatically update content within auto dealership ads.

Since BLiNQ Media also had in-house Social Media Marketing Managers, I spent time interviewing them and learning about their processes for different products and social media platforms.

AutoLift campaign workflow diagram
Workflow diagrams of the LiFT platform helped to align the stakeholder expectations regarding the functionality and scope of the project.

Design and usability testing

After initial designs were created, I built a prototype in Invision, and tested it with Media Marketing Managers. After understanding and communicating the results, I worked closely with the product manager and development team to refine designs. 

During the user research phase, I learned that Media Managers manage campaigns by exception. The Big Board concept allows the most critical items to rise to the top so that they always know what needs their attention.
The Program Overview page allows Media Managers to compare the performance of campaigns within the same program/initiative.

Design library

Once patterns were established, I documented and published a Design Library in Sketch, which was adopted across the larger G/O Digital organization.

Lift design style guide
The LiFT Design Language was adopted by all business units.